Natural skincare bundle for acne, hyperpigmentation, dry and oily skin. Contains 3 products: African black soap face wash, toner with aloe Vera and apple cider vinegar, serum for moisturizing
N.finite Beauty Skincare is a natural skincare brand curated to help you embrace your inner beauty with an outside glow. We believe there is beauty in everyone - both inside and out; so we create products with quality natural ingredients to give you radiant skin. Our goal is to help you create a pattern of self-care that increases confidence, builds self-esteem and illuminates your inner beauty. The N.finite Beauty experience is about more than skincare; it’s about falling in love with the beauty that resides within. 
Founded February 2019

Meet the Owner



Jasmine Johnson is the beauty behind N.finite Beauty Skincare. Her battle with acne, dark spots and hyperpigmentation was stressful, but through trial and error, N.finite Beauty Skincare was born. She creates handmade products immersed in essential oils and packed with vitamins. After seeing exceptional results on her own skin, she decided to make products for men and women struggling with various skin conditions.
“My skincare journey led to more than clearer, healthy skin; I fell in love with myself. I learned how to practice self-care daily and recognized it was worth more than an occasional reward. My skincare journey helped me learn myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally; illuminating my natural beauty. This deeper connection to self brings out your N.finite Beauty – I want everyone to experience that.”